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Using Royal Mail Click and Drop with One Stop Order Processing

You can export a CSV file from One Stop Order Processing that will allow you to quickly import your orders into your  Royal Mail Click and Drop account.

If you want to create a Click and Drop account you can do so at the following link,

How to import the Royal Mail Click and Drop View.

  1. Click the customize current view button
  2. Click import
  3. Select the Click and Drop View ( RoyalMailClickAndDrop.mev - if this view is not available please contact support and they can send it to you)

Adding Click and Drop to your Quick Export List

  1. Switch your view to the click and drop view, 
  2. Click the export orders button
  3. Click 'Add current view to quick export list'
  4. You will now be able to export your orders directly from the export button

How to Generate your CSV file after the first export 

  1. Tick the orders that you want to export 
  2. Click the export button
  3. Choose Click and Drop from the export list 
  4. Your export file will be created
  5. NB: If you want to change the export options in the future you can do this by clicking on the ... button next to the view name and selecting 'Change export options'

How to import your CSV file into Royal Mail Click and Drop 

  1. Log in to your click and drop account
  2. Click Import order from Spreadsheet
  3. Click Upload and attach your file (by default it will be saved in the file location c:\OSOP)
  4. Change the Name format to First and Lastname are combined 
  5. Map your headers using the drop down bars provided
  6. Click import 
  7. Switch to the Batch Screen
  8. Click your orders and click Apply postage

  9. You can then input your package weight ( if not brought in by import), and choose your service to send your packages with.

  10. You will then be able to pay and generate your labels.


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