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Automatically creating labels for UKMail for your Ebay, Amazon, X-Cart, eBid, SellerDeck/Actinic (including Actinic Online), CubeCart, osCommerce, Interspire,CRE Loaded, ekmPowershop, Pinnacle Cart, Shopify, Rakuten, RomanCart, Paypal, Mail Order and Telephone Sales orders

This feature is available in Professional, Premium and Enterprise
versions of One Stop Order Processing

If you use the UKMail Consignor Software system you can use One Stop Order Processing to automatically print all of the selected orders' labels. To do this use the following procedure:

Setting up Consignor

1 Start Consignor Server by right clicking on the icon in the bottom right of your main screen and selecting the Details menu option.

2 Click on the Gateway Manager button

3 Make sure that Start Consignments Gateway When Consignor Server Is Started is ticked.

4 Click on the Consignments tab and select Post, with Labels.

5 Click on the Consignments Schema tab. You should download and save the schema (from here) to the \\SHOP\bpdata\consignor\GatewayTest directory. Where SHOP is the name of your PC.
You should then download and save the sample file (from here) to the \\SHOP\bpdata\consignor\GatewayTest directory. Tick the Delimited ImportType and enter ~ as the character.

6 Click on F2 Save to save the changes.

Using One Stop Order Processing

1 Make sure the UKMail Export Format is installed.

2 Select the orders to print labels for.

3 Press the Export Orders button () and select UKMail. This will export the orders to \\SHOP\bpdata\Consignor\GatewayIn\bpdata.txt. If this is not the Consignor folder select the UKMail View and select the View->Change Export Options menu option or click on the button to the right of the View selection field (). You can enter the correct output filename in the File to export to field. Where SHOP is name of your PC where Consignor is installed. When you install Consignor your main data area is shared with the share name bpdata.

4 You can then send the customer an email that allows them to track their order using a link directly to their order. To do this use the UKMail Email template.

Advanced settings
The default settings are for the number of labels to be printed to match the number of items shipped using the UKMail Next Day service. Also UKMail also requires the weight of the item to be given. The default value is to weigh each parcel as 2 Kilos. If you don't enter this value or it is too low UKMail should update it with their weighed amount.

Use the following information to change the details on all orders or on each order.
1 If your default service level is not 1 (Next Day) enter a new value. To do this click on the Customize current view () button, click on the BP Service field and click on the Amend field details. In the field details dialog change the Default field value to match your service level. You can change this on a per order basis by using a Custom Value:Entered for each order variable and amending the order details in the Custom values page when viewing order details (click the Edit order details button first).

2 The number of labels to print is defaulted from the items shipped. If these match then you can leave the value. However, if a particular order has a different value amend the order details as described in 1 (above). If you always have a fixed number of items amend the default value of the column to that number (using the approach described in 1 (above). If the number of labels is relative to the number of items shipped (e.g. plus 1 label or 2 times the number of labels) amend the default value by using a calculation.

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