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How to setup One Stop Order Processing to automatically import orders from Amazon SellerCentral

This feature is available in Professional, Premium and Enterprise versions of One Stop Order Processing

One Stop Order Processing can automatically retrieve orders from Amazon SellerCentral using Amazon Services (Amazon MWS). You will need your Amazon Merchant ID, AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key.
To find this information use the following guide:

1 Click on the Edit button when the Amazon-SC format is selected. Click on Get orders from Amazon SellerCentral Website, shown below:

2 You now need to find the Amazon logon details. Go to the Amazon Services website at:

Sign in using your normal Amazon Seller Central login details.

4 Your are then shown the screen saying how you want to access your order details. Select the top option

I Want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS and click Next.

5 Tick the Amazon MWS License Agreement when you have read them and are happy with them and click Next. This is shown below.

6 You are then shown your account details. The following shows where these details need to be copied from and added to One Stop Order Processing. The easiest way to do this is to click the mouse button to the left of the value then drag the mouse over the value until all selected, then click the right mouse button and select Copy. You can then paste this value into the field in One Stop Order Processing.

7 You can additionally select the market place that you want to retrive orders from (e.g. Depending upon how often you import orders you can select the number of days of orders to import. When you import orders any existing orders are not overwritten. Only any new orders will be imported.

If you are manually selecting to import orders you can wait until they have been retrieved from Amazon (which can take up to 45 minutes when the Amazon webiste is busy). If you tick Wait for orders report to be created One Stop Order Processing will stop until the orders have been imported. If you don't want to wait you can untick Wait for orders report to be created and you can carry on with other tasks (you can even close the Import Orders dialog). You can then later click on Import Orders button to see if the orders have been imported yet.

8 When you can setup your Amazon Automated Import you can select the type of Order Reports to get order information from. There are 3 choices:

The orders that you will process and despatch. This is the best option for most users. If you want to also update the shipping status of the orders tick the Include shipped status option.

For some sellers the Fulfilled By Amazon orders don't show up on the Standard Order Reports. If this is the case select this option.

This report contains orders that need to be shipped (this does not include FBA orders, which are automatically marked as shipped when they are imported). This option is very useful if you have started using One Stop Order Processing and you want to get One Stop Order Processing shipped status to match that of Amazon. This option will only update the shipped status of orders already imported into One Stop Order Processing.

NOTE: You may need to create multiple Order Imports (in One Stop Order Processing) to be able to fully manage your Amazon orders (if you are selling with FBA aswell as fulfuilling some orders yourself) and want to check on the Order Shipped Status.

If you are using Automation for One Stop Order Processing this can automatically import the orders for you. You will be informed when new orders are available. For more information see Automation for One Stop Order Processing

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